I Give You A Coming Out Letter…

And all I get in return is this crusty old t shirt!  Nah, but I did get a text from my dad.  this is after a couple days of radio silence.  The text was short and to the point, as most texts are. It is hard not to inject some of my personal emotional feelings into the words my father sent. I tend to see the glass as half empty, so reading his text kind of put me on guard.

The SO and I planned on going over to my parents house on Saturday afternoon to discuss my coming out, transition, and what it all means for everyone involved. My parents, however, will not be in town, so drat! Plan foiled.  I sent a text back (immediately, I might add) about a better day for us to come over, but he didn’t answer.  Now, this has got my spidey senses tingling.  Like, come on dad. I immediately answer your text, and give you enough time to answer back but the you don’t – It leaves me thinking, “What the hell”? You know?

Another thing – I need to be the one to control the flow of the conversation. I also need to remember that, what to me seems like an everyday, normal thing, my parents are not going to see that way. No matter how much they support me, they will never know what being trans feels like.  And they don’t have to.  I guess what I am hoping for is unconditional love and support.  Support being the key word here.  I know my parents love me, even if I find that they don’t lie the idea of me being trans, or cannot quite believe it.

I think now, with this period of reflection, my parents may start to connect the dots.  I don’t think they know or knew about my predilection for lovely, flowing dresses.  But come on, I carried a purse for almost 3 years in the 1990’s, hahahaha.

Anyway, for not having much to say about the situation with the parents, I seemed to have babbled on!

One thing I do want to highlight is all the support from friends and extended family members I have received.  The outpouring is a bueautiful thing, and brings me much joy.  Thankfully, my emotions have been in check recently, or else I would be a blubbering mess. More on that later…

As for now, at 1AM, my morning is just getting started, hahahaha!

Until next time, readers of the page!


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