Nice Surprise In The Mail

Well, looky here. Check out the pic at the bottom.  I went to the mailbox yesterday, hoping to find my new septum clicker.  In addition to the clicker was some random mail stuffs – then, what do my eyes spy?  A yellow envelope with familiar writing!

Yep, the card is from my mother and means so much to me right now.  I thought there would be more waterworks, but so far, that has been under control.

It is a simple, but lovely card, and says something about love, yay!!  Now, at least, I don’t have to be as anxious about our meting soonly.  I should mention that my dads names is nowhere to be found on the card.  I’ll try not to read anything into that, and insterad celebrate that my mother sent a card of support after I gave her the letter!! SQUEE!!wp-1486286330661.jpg


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