I.M. Injection, Take Two

Today is indeed the day, readers of the page.  It is the day for my 2nd liquid E injection.  Once again, The SO was the one administering the drug. Yep, when it came time to inject, she stuck me like a turkey she wanted to inject with flavor! My muscle twitched and my leg jumped like one of those jumping beans. After the momentary spasm, and when everything was back to level chill (a matter of seconds), she started to dispense the drug into my muscle.

If you’ve never seen liquid E, it comes in, like, peanut or soy oil.  The liquid is super thick, so you can imagine SO pushing the plunger down, and it is taking, no joke, like 15-20, maybe 30 seconds.  That stuff is so viscous! So, the Liquid E goes in; SO goes to remove the needle and I spring a leak like never before. I think my dear SO was so shocked that she didn’t react immediately. So, blood is pouring down my leg, hitting the floor, and almost staining the seat that I’m sitting in, and we are both just kind of sitting there for a moment, before The SO springs into action and plugged said leak with some paper products. After that, a quick cleanup with the alcohol, and all is well in the world again! Back on the Liquid E train!


p.s.  as always, thanks to The SO for working with me on the injections!  And also for being such a good sport for my stories!


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