Meeting Of The Minds – After

So yeah, the meeting with my parents happened last night.  I found that as the time approached, I was less nervous and anxious than I though I would be.

The SO and I made our way over to my parents house last night to discuss my coming out letter.  To say they were shocked would be putting it mildly…

Mom and Dad cannot see the girl in me.  Stated that they will never call me anything other than my old name.

They worry about how I will find and keep a job, and that is valid.

The extremely short and wrapped up version is that my parents love me, want only the best for me, and are probably more than a little afraid of me – in the sense that I mess up their little cis world, ya dig? Dad also did his research, so he and mom know the alarming statistics of being a black mtf in this world.  And that thought is not without merit.  It will probably not be the smooth transition that I want it to be.  I don’t, however, plan on making anymore major moves, excepting clothing, makeup and things like that, until some of the more physical characteristics of hrt emerge.

More later, it is currently 3:20 in the AM. Hopefully, sleep will come again…


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