Daily Reminder

I have to remind my self on the daily that my parents do not control my life.  they haven’t for a long time. And I have to remind myself that the reason I told them was out of courtesy and respect, rather than a need for acceptance from them.

I had to in that conversation with the idea that I would lose all support from my parents. That didn’t happen. That didn’t happen, at all.  I will give them some time. Hell, I still flip and flop over transition. I can expect a cisgender person to have a hard time understanding trans issues to begin with. What I hope, is that these people will take the time to educate themselves. really look at the issues in an objective light. I think, then, anyone would be more sympathetic. Anyway, just a reminder to myself that my parents acceptance 100% while wanted, is not necessary. Nor is anybody’s opinion, really, except mine. That is not to say that I don’t value y’alls input. I just know that, at any moment, this can go south.  Whatever, I am definitely off topic now so I will stop typing. Thanks for reading, people of the page.


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