So Sad, In Retrospect

Guys, this morning, my mom unloaded a bomb on me. She said something, like, for the last several years I seemed mean to her. She said I have been really judgemental, and snappy – things I would never do to my parents.  Here’s the thing though; I never saw it that way.  The SO has never seen it that way ( I don’t think. I guess I should confirm, but damn, I’m just flabbergasted by this news). But if mom sees it that way, then something must be going on. I tried to apologize but had to rush her off the phone because I had to go work.  But I don’t know if I want to call her back for a minute. Maybe I need to let my emotions cool down a bit, then revisit, maybe try to look at the situation from mom’s perspective.  Who knows. Right now, my shock and sadness is turning into a minor rage; that’s why I  need to back off for a bit. DAMN, y’all!!!????!!!????


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