Therapist Appointment

In other news, I had my first therapist appointment in at least 3 months.  To say that I was excited would’ve been an understatement.  Therapy is a place that I can be myself without being openly judged, mocked, or ridiculed.  Eli, my therapist, is the bomb dot com.

Unfortunately, the day of my therapist appointment, I was still sick. I thought I was getting over the flu. Little did I know what the flu had in store for me! But I persevered, for better or for worse.  I got dressed, looked beautiful I might add, and went down to my therapist’s office.

My therapist is wonderful, and I was so happy to see him! We only have an hour, so we raced through some stuff so that I could lay all my cards down. It was an insightful appointment.  One thing is, however, that my therapist is moving to COSTA RICA soon. Costa frickin Rica!!!  Trust, if I could afford to move to Costa Rica, I might actually consider it. Anything to escape the persecution of Trump era politics and nonsense.

We talked about me coming out to my parents, and how that went. We talked about any progress I was thinking of taking, in terms of surgery and such. At the end of our conversation, we did something for the very first time. We hugged. I asked him if I could give him a hug. He smiled and agreed, of course. It was a nice gesture from him for me. Maybe I am in a more emotionally needy spot in my life right now. Maybe the hrt is making me extra emotional. Just the other day, I burst into tears at the thought of having to go to work. Probably hormones, right?!?!?

Anyway, that is all I have for this brain dump. Maybe things will become clearer once this sickness leaves my body. It is affecting my thought process now. So that’s all, dear readers of the page. Hold tight to the ones you love and give them an extra squeeze from me!



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