You know, earlier this morning, I started writing a post called Doubt but I accidentally deleted over half of the post, and was so disheartened that I couldn’t possibly start again. this is more like the Cliff’s Notes version of this mornings post.

I was worried that people that I knew were just humoring me by calling me Sophia, treating me like a woman, and generally being kind to me. I always have big doubts about this. Now, this hasn’t stopped me so far, excepting at work. But I’m not ready for that step yet.

Anyway, all these doubts were swirling around my head this morning.  Then, my phone and laptop chimed simultaneously, signalling that a FB message had pooped up. So I checked it, and it was the sweetest, most thoughtful message of thanks and admiration from a guy that I know to most, if not all, the women that he knew. Included was me!!!! So sweet! And immediately removed my doubt about my Friends!!

I’m sure there will be other doubt-filled days, and hopefully I will remember the beautiful post from my Friend. Hopefully, that will once again remove my doubts and fears just knowing that my Friends support  me 100%.  And there is no doubting the SO. She has stood steadfastly by me, and hopefully will continue to do so!


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