Haven’t written in a while

That’s not to say my dysphoria is completely at bay, but it is certainly manageable! The one thing I have noticed is that I am beginning to see more male features in my face, things I would like corrected. Once again, that is an expensive, invasive, and painful procedure – yet, I’m thinking about it, just like SRS!  This represents where the dysphoria kicks in. I recognize all the male features and would like to take care of them, but I know that I just started my HRT journey too, and hopefully there will be some fat distribution around the face(as well as other places) to help soften the blow, as it were.

I have only been on a full transitioning dose since January; I need to remember that. I all need to remember that this is not a race.  Take your time, SoSo. Breathe in the change. Be the change.


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