Maybe It’s Time

Maybe it’s time for voice lessons. Another thing I cannot afford. Great. But I will need them to have a passing voice. Right now, with some strain, and not for long, I can keep my voice in the “mostly female voice” category.  I am shooting for andro continuously, at least; then pitch up later.

I don’t want to sound like a squeaky mouse, or talk in falsetto, which a lot of trans women do when first leaning to speak like a woman.

I was in speech therapy when I was younger, but that was because I yelled a lot and ruined my vocal cords. I needed exercises to build my strength back up.

Anyway, right now I will continue to work on The Rainbow Passage at least once a day, and try to get a decent sounding voice. the problem is not so much when I’m reading something out loud; no, the problem is in free verse, or just regular conversation.  Then my voice defaults back to the lower registers. I hope that voice therapy will be enough to  change my voice a bit. You know, I need a voice that fits me.  I do hang around some women, and at work I am surrounded by women. I am constantly trying to pick up on their vocal cues and ticks, the phrasing used, the lilt in the voice or the smokiness and huskiness.  I would a voice like that. that way it doesn’t seem too unnatural to errybody, ya know?!?

Anyway, voice work is essentially free, until I have to pay for lessons. And until I get a good recommendation for voice therapy in my area, I will just continue as it. Of course, the inherent danger in doing it this way is that I will get it all wrong and have to relearn everything. That is NOT what I want, so slow wins the race on this one. I need to talk to people other than SO because SO hears me all the time and it may be hard for her to pick up the voice without thinking it sounds strained.  The other side of that coin is that BECAUSE she is around me so much, she will have a better understanding of where my voice is really at.  It sounds decent to me for a short period of time, but the last time SO heard it, she thought it was strained and too pitchy (I guess).

That’s all for this update, readers of the page. Enjoy the rest of this cold day and frigid night!



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