It Occurs To Us

And so it occurs to us
Some late rainy afternoon:  wee are still in this
Living world, here yet and looking not too bad,
Pretty good, the days only pecking us benignly
Away; and we can stand it,

The lingering grey – it is just
This thing, more sad than rain,
A late afternoon, this thing that shadows
My body, creeps in, some music, a hum
Of sorts, that permeates the rain,
The dredging sadness of afternoon.
David Tillinghast


One of my favorite poems, and one that I revisit every National Poetry Month.  The mood of the poem seems to mimic my mood right now, early in the morning. And truthfully, it has been a while since my mood has been lowered a bit. SO seems to think it may be the hrt. I think that maybe it is bipolar depression related. I don’t know, it doesn’t matter.  All I know is that I am down, and I have to be careful about my mental makeup.  I cannot have a repeat of 2015, no way!!!


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