Parents, Take Two

I haven’t really talked much with, nor have I seen my parents since coming out to them about two months ago. Honestly, the conversation left a bad taste in my mouth.

Fast forward to Easter Sunday. two days from now, and I am looking for an excuse to beg off of the whole thing. I am not looking forward to this family get together. Everybody will be calling me by my deadname, and that sucks.

I am hoping to isolate my siblings and let them know the truth, let them know to call me either Sophia or SoSo.

EDIT: The family has a group chat on the app called Groupme, and the siblings have one of our own. I just asked the siblings to call me by my name on Sunday and in group chats. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to change my deadname without fucking up the whole rotation, lol.

Anyway, more on Sunday…


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