The Kindest Gesture

Holy shit y’all!!! Yesterday, I sprung a leak, and cried like a baby.  The reason – a simple gesture from the SO!  Yeah, the SO came through again.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so the SO got me a card.  Such a nice, and wonderful gesture!!  On the front of the card it says, and wait for it – it reads “For my Wife”.  Three little words, and I was blubbering like a newborn baby!  I don’t know why…maybe, it is because this is the first time, that I remember, at least, that the SO has acknowledged my as a wife!! Yep, all woman!! And I lost it for a good couple of minutes – tears running down my face unsupervised! I don’t usually cry, and I don’t believe that this is some macho thing left over from my days high on testosterone.  Most trans women will say that hrt helps to access emotions that, while high on testosterone, could not (or would not) be accessed.  This is not, and has not been the case with me.  Even with testosterone flowing through me, as the dominant hormone, I was still blubbering at movies, and the like.  As  matter of fact,  I have been thinking that, since starting hrt, my emotions have been dampened a bit. Not a lot of spontaneous crying or anything like that.

Fast forward to yesterday, as we were getting ready to go to my siblings house to celebrate Mother’s day.  I had been in the bathroom brushing my teeth or something like that.  I passed by my office, while shouting for the SO. As I walked by, I noticed a red envelope propped up on my laptop. Curious, I thought, as it was Mother’s day.  On the envelope were the words, “My Sophia.” So I went to investigate, and sure enough, it was a card for me.  So I open it up, and on the front of the card, there is a floral pattern.  SO knows I love flowers! Also, on the front of the card are the words “FOR MY WIFE.” Once I saw the word wife, I lost it.  It wasn’t even close. And I couldn’t stop the tears. What a cathartic moment!

I think that it was just another, in a succession of moves, if you will, that SO is growing even more comfortable in, and with, our relationship as a queer women couple.  I was so appreciative of the gesture, I had to let those tears flow for a bit.  Then I went to SO and gave her a big kiss and a hug, all the while crying.  I feel validated as fuck right now!!! And all it took, was three little words from the wife! “For My Wife.”  That’s it. Thank you SO, for the hardcore feels yesterday.  It is a moment that I wont forget for a long time, and if I do, at least it has been committed to digital form!!

Enough of the writing. Let me attach a pic of the front of the card.  It is definitely my type of card! Well done once again SO!!



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