Let’s Talk About Boobs, Baby!

Yep, it’s that time, dear readers of the page! It’s time to talk about boobs, breast growth, bras, and the sort.  So, if you are not interested in this kind of stuff, well, keep on reading!  You might find something you like;)!

Anyway, I was checking myself out in the mirror recently, and was pleased to discover that my boobs are actually growing.  I have had pain behind the nipples for several weeks now, and my nipples ar getting…puffier? Is that the right way to describe this? I guess it is, and I’m sure you can get some sort of visual. SO noticed also, has has said, and examined my budding breasts.

But, it was only recently that I have considered that it may be time to start wearing a bra or bralette or sports bra or whatever!!! Just something to stop the girls from being noticed when I don’t want them to be noticed.

Case in point:  Me and some friends were out to a restaurant for tacos and drinks last week.  I wore some black skinny jeans an a tight(er)  black long sleeved shirt.  the shirt was a bit tighter than most people are used to seeing me wear.  Whether it be women’s or men’s clothing, there is still some air and draft to the clothes I usually wear. Anyway, that night, after one of the guys went to the restroom and it was just us ladies, on of my Friends turns to me and says, “I hope this isn’t too personal, but are you wearing a bra tonight?” Well, the answer was yes!! I was wearing a black (to match everything else. Black on black on black) sports bra.  Anyway, the general consensus among my group of Friends was that breast growth has indeed taken off.  Not a lot, mind you.  I still don’t believe I need a bra.  I realize it makes a lot of trans women comfortable.  To be honest, I can’t say yes or no on this subject because I don’t own a bra proper.  I have a sports bra and some bralettes, but not the original over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

I think I am stage 2 on the tanner scale, in terms of boob growth.  I decided not to attach a pic, but all you have to do is google Tanner stages to get the chart.  Anyway, wearing, that shirt reminded me that my boobs are indeed growing, albeit slowly.  And that’s fine.  I am not out at work, so why rush things, huh?

But yes, I am secretly thrilled about my Friends noticing my changes!  It’s exciting as fuck!! And it’s a beautiful thing. Long story short –  I think it’s time for a bra!!


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