Deadname(?) At Work

Another hour, another post, lol.  I’m in the mood, I guess. This one is about work again.  In particular, this post will be about being deadnamed at work.

Can one be deadnamed while not actually out. The short answer, I assume, is no. I work for a rather large telecom company, in sales. Not person-to-person or whatever it is called – but  outbound, and over the phone. Yeah, it’s a call center. I’d rather not be in outbound sales, but hey, it’s a job. And in today’s climate, that is rare. So, I’m trying not to get fired. My company has  great lgbt protections in place, at least theoretically.

It seems most trans people hate being deadnamed.  In some circumstances, it bothers me. Like when my parents won’t even make the effort to call me Sophia. Okay, I guess I can understand. You have always thought you had a son. Sorry y’all. But you know, I tried to make easy for them and all my friends. Call me SoSo.  Simple, huh. My friends, for the most part stick with Sophia, which I love. SO uses both, which is perfect.

At work, my colleagues call me SoSo.  By law, I have to use my deadname whn talking to customers, so the people around me are used to my deadname.  I have one coworker, seasoned (as she would call herself) who jumps between SoSo, my deadname, and Mr. deadname. Like I said, I don’t necessarily mind it at work.  The thing I do not like is being called “sir”. Never have, never will.

I guess things won’t change too much, in terms of names.  Attitudes – well, I can’t vouch for. Since it is work, I am hoping for a sense of professionalism.  I need to talk to Eli (my Therapissy) about the best way to approach HR dept and my supervisor.  But I am not there yet, so let’s not jump ahead, mmmkay???

Like I said, everybody at work is used to calling me SoSo. I don’t think I am going to request that people only call me Sophia. I think SoSo is perfect!

And that’s all folks! Until next time!


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