Oops! Welp, That May Have Been A Mistake

Alright dear readers of the page, this post will probably not be that long.  I think that I may have made a mistake at work.  I have a coworker who has been really nice to me since she started, which was recently.  So, today we were shooting the shit with another coworker, and she asked if I was married.  When I said yes, she was definitely surprised.

I think that caught her off guard because I was wearing my trans lifeline shirt and an “I’llGoWithYou” pin.  I have been wearing more feminine clothing at work – principally because I feel more comfy in those clothes.  Still, I am not out at work, so my style may be taken as more andro, at least I hope so!

Anyway,  secretly, and between us, I thought she may have been part of the rainbow family, possibly gay.  I have a pretty decent gaydar, so I sent her a friend request on FB.  She finally accepted, which was cool of her since we don’t know each other well. I low-key stalked her page and thought I was right on in my thoughts buuuuuuuuutttttt  —— now I don’t know.

You know how FB is, right? You can only see so much of  a profile w/o being friends. So anyway, I looked through her page, and it appears that I may be wrong.  She may not be part of the fam at all, and I may have just inadvertently outed myself at work. Damn, I’m am not sure how to feel right now. I know what I will do – nothing. I will continue to post all my crazy shit on FB. I will continue to be vocal about trans rights. I just don’t how I will handle the situation at work.

Dear readers of the page, what would you do?


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