Estrogen Tuesday

Yay!!! Today is estrogen Tuesday. What does this mean. Today, I get my shot of estrogen. It seems like it has been so long. Maybe, I can get my endo to up it to once a week to kind of keep an even level, and add more feminization. I know, patience is a fucking virtue and all that.

At any rate, we usually wait until the afternoon to get to the shot, but I was so excited that I had SO administer the wonderful drug earlier this morning. As of right now, I don’t have the estro high, which is okay.  I also don’t have a big bruise where the injection was, so yay for that too!!  SO is an excellent shot.  I am going to have to practice once, just to see if I can do it by myself.  I have never had to, crazy as it sounds. But SO is so good at shots. Really, top notch! If you ever need any help in this area, readers of the page, get in touch with me. I can see if she is available;)



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