An Odd Thing

Yeah, this is an odd thing, and it is something that has only happened to me once, so far. I had come out to a gay coworker, and if I remember correctly, one of the first things he asked me was if I was going to have “the surgery?” At the time, SRS was the farthest thing from the front of my brain, and I said no immediately. He seemed more at ease with that answer, as the thought of SRS was something completely negative, and hell, I don’t know what he was thinking. I know that his whole persona visibly exhaled when I said no about the surgery.  What is it about cis people, even if they are part of the family, that repels them so much so as to not even entertain that, while it may not be right for them, for others it is often necessary.  Anyway, the cartoon below is not mine. I believe it is Sophie Labelle’s from FB.



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