Sore Nipples And Changing Chest Line

Just a few days ago,  I was complaining to SO that my nipples had stopped hurting. As a matter of fact, there was little to no sensation at all.  But now, bam!!!!! I don’t know if it because I have just had my estrogen shot, but damn, my nipples are sensitive and it feels like there are rocks behind them. I know this is the puberty stage, and when girls went through puberty, not all of them sprouts boobies immediately.

Another thing – today, I was trying on a shirt that I was going to wear to work.  It felt a little tight, so I strolled over to the mirror to take a look. Imagine my shock when I noticed my own sprouting boobs. Yeah, they are still small, but if I am a wearing a tight shirt, those puppies are noticeable.  Even SO was like “No, that is not a shirt you can wear to work.”  It’s not that I couldn’t wear it to work. It’s just that it would arouse massive suspicion, and what am I supposed to say, if asked? Okay, I know that a coworker asking me this type of question is almost nil – with the exception of one. She is the FB friend I told you about. NO, not the mistake, the other one. She may have questions, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be asked if front of everyone, given that she knows I’m trans.

Anyway, what this means is that I can’t really where tight shirts at work without arousing some suspicion or talk, though, not necessarily to me.  I am not ready to have to make up some crazy excuse. I already have one, though, if ever I should need it. It has to do with my medication. There. That should work for a while. But that’s enough of sore nipples and changing chest lines for now.

See below for an unrelated pic of me. I don’t know about feminization, but I do know that my skin has gotten softer, more butter-like in certain areas of my face and body. I just wish it would take care of my fucking beard!



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