Woot! EV Day And Other Stuff

Today is EV Day!!! I always get excited when Tuesday rolls around.  SO has turned into an excellent shot, never hitting a vein or capillary. Now that I say that, she is going to draw blood today, hahaha!

I don’t know my progress in regards to other trans women, but I know that I feel that my transition is moving along nicely. I am going to have to get a new drivers license, in part because it will expire on my birthday; also, because, honestly, the picture looks nothing like me. I lost 75 pounds between that picture and now. Also, I fancy that the hormones are doing their job, albeit slowly.  One of my Friends said I don’t look so much like a guy anymore, although I think she was referencing my look with makeup on. As an aside, I still can’t do makeup. My SO is the true makeup artist, sculpting my face into something that I find beautiful!!!! Anyway, I know the day will come where I don’t look like my former persona, so I will have to change my license then, too. I am trying to gauge when I should start the name change process. Obviously, I will nee to save some money. It is ridiculous how much this process costs, both in money and time/emotional investment. Anyway, I will have to go through it. The question is when. Maybe if I was in contact with Eli, I would have a clearer view.  I just don’t have 190$ for an hour, when I could use that money for other things. I guess I need to readjust my priorities and think about getting another job. I need full time pay. So, yeah, there’s that… I’m calling Eli today. Whether or not he can help me, I need to reestablish a connection. Hopefully, he is not in Costa Rica by now. If he is, I will have to hit him up on FB. I need my therapist!! hahaha!!!

Friday is the day for Dr. Tangpricha, my endo. He only sees trans patients on Friday, and it is a process to get to be his patient. This will be the first time in 6 months that I have seen him. I hope he will have noticed the changes, though not in my voice yet. He will have to be one of the doctors to write one of my letters for surgery, which I am going to have, at some point.  Maybe we can come up with a plan to make my boobs grow! HAHHAHA!! I kid. I kid. I think, hahahaha.  I’ve still got to realize that I am not out at work, although all I wear is women’s clothing now.  I guess it is an open secret. Or not. Really, some people would rather hang in the darkness than to face up to their homophobia and transphobia. I know there will be some, and I will lose some colleagues when I officially come out, because then they will have to confront their fears. Son will I, no lie. It is one thing to wear women’s clothing to work; it is another to come out as a trans woman.  Buuuuuuuttt, the time will come, as I won’t be able to hide the changes my body is going much longer, especially with the clothing currently wear. Anyway, that is a post for another day.  I will post more on Friday after speaking with Dr Tangpricha. By then, I will have also gotten ( or at least attempted to get) in touch with Eli, my therapist. Until then, dear readers of the page, stay cool in this hot weather. We’ll talk again soon!


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