Lab Results

As you may know, dear readers of the page, I went to see Dr. Tangpricha last Friday, and as usual, he sent me to the lab for blood work.  The results came back today, excepting the testosterone level, which will be in tomorrow.

I am writing this quick piece because my estrogen levels are stupid high. Okay, not stupid high, but high nonetheless.  The pills didn’t work very well for me, so with the switch to im injections, my estrogen levels shot way up to 950 pg in March. My latest labs show a decrease in estrogen to 850, but according to Dr. T, that is still too high. He is looking at a sweet spot being between 400-600 pg. I hope this doesn’t mean he is going to request an even lower estrogen dose. I wubs my estrogen. It makes me feel great! I imagine the sweet spot will make things even better, and some of the effects will hopefully become more noticeable. Effects like softening skin, reduced body hair, blah, blah, blah…

Testosterone will be in tomorrow. Hopefully, it will still be low, and I get some good news from Dr. T concerning the next step!

That’s all I have right now. Talk to ya tomorrow!


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