New Day

It’s a new day, and I’m  feeling pretty good about myself, regardless of being misgendered constantly by my family. It’s like they aren’t even gonna try, and the worst part is their excuse. Well, my siblings excuse and not my parent’s.

My parents are a lost cause. I have accepted that. Old school parents who think because I didn’t give them enough signs during childhood that I am faking or misrepresenting myself in some way. But what really gets my goat are my siblings. Damn, they are pissing me off. Sibling, the older, says she and her family cannot call me SoSo or Sophia because it is too hard on their young boys. A lot of hogwash, if you ask me! Those boys are smart enough to start using  different name, even if they don’t associate the name with the correct gender yet. As for sibling one and her husband, my brother-in-law – well, they have no excuse except that it would make them uncomfortable.

Sibling number two has absolutely no excuse, as she is part of the rainbow family, and the second most misaligned letter besides the “T.” She is representing the “B”, I guess. Either the “B” or the “L” so really she has zero excuses, and must just give zero fucks.  Maybe, she would rather inconvenience me than my parents, but damn, I would like some support from her, at the very least.

And even though I’ve spent the majority – well, all of this post bitching about my family, I still have hope that one day, my siblings, at the very least, will call me by, the right name, and treat me in a respectful manner.

Hahahhahaha I have nothing else, dear readers of the page. I am emotionally spent. Hahaha nope that’s not true. Not even close to being true. I feel great!  I feell like it is the beginning of a new week, even though it is Wednesday already! today will be my first day back after having a four-day weekend. I took Monday off, but now it’s back to work and back to my normal life.

I put a call in to Eli to see whether he would like to continue seeing me. If not, that is perfectly fine, as I have been researching other gender therapists in the Atlanta area. I really need to get in for a therapy session, and establish a connection. I need to talk with someone and I will need someone to write letters for me, as I plan on having an orchi, as soon as I make and save 3500$. I suck at saving money, So I may need to enlist some help. Egg, please be kind, hahahahaha!!! SO is the best, and she will be able to help me save money.

That’s all I got right now. I ‘m off to make a cup of mint tea. That will be perfect this morning! Have a great day, dear readers of the page!



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