Dr. Eli Budd

Woot! Throw your hands in the air, dear readers of the page!  I finally got back in touch with Eli, and he is indeed in Costa Rica. How awesome is that? To be able to leave at a moments time? Although, I know, for him, it took an awful amount of planning (most people don’t move to Costa Rica with no planning). It just seems like he was here one then gone the next!

I had to install What’s App, which I’ve never used before, but it was easy! Now, I have a way to communicate with him. I need the therapy as I go through these next steps. I know that people can go through name changes by themselves, and he will not necessarily be able to help me, his “presence” will be calming. Knowing that I can set up an appointment with him again is a minor weight off of my head. I didn’t want to have to start over with a new therapist. I know he is probably thinking why do I keep coming back to him. I think, from the beginning, he has been a bit confused as to how I came to be in contact with him. The answer is simple. I found his name on an Atlanta TG web board. I read his bio, and chose him. He has been great! Oh! and the best thing –  He will be back in town in a couple of weeks!! I am definitely going to see him! He is going to send me a text soon to coordinate time and place.

So, that’s my exciting news!  And it is exciting to me!  I haven’t had a “shrink my head” experience since Feb or March and I’m thirsty for therapy! Can you tell, lol!!??!!??! I will definitely have an update for y’all about that appointment! For now, I need to try and work on a clear timeline to full time and an orchi, voice work, and eventually electrolysis again! I’ve got some planning to do, bitches!



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