Several Slow Days

The last few days, in terms of transition, have been slow. But, dear readers of the page, in a week from Friday, I will no longer be employed at Comcast. this could hinder, or help, my transition.

It could hinder it in the most obvious of reasons: money. I won’t be making any. That sucks, both for the household, and for transition. I have an appointment with Eli (I think), then nothing else for the immediate future.

It will help my transition in that now I can concentrate my energies on things I can do: voice work being the main thing. I can’t really work on electro because that costs money. Trying to set a timeline is another thing I can do. I can’t really do any name change stuff because, once again, that costs money. I would like to work from home, if possible.  That would give me more time out of the public workforce’s beady little eyes.

Back to Comcast. I suck as a salesperson. I tried it because Comcast is a great, LGBT-friendly company to work for. I got stuck in outbound telesales, and it is as horrible as it sounds. Really, it was the wrong position for me, but I stuck it out for 9 months. Truthfully, the only reason I am leaving is because I would have been canned at the end of this sales cycle. I haven’t been making quota, and with the days that I missed from being sick, I am on my final warning. No absences for 6 months, and I have to hit 80% or higher for quota for 6 months too. The sales cycle ends in 11 days and I have 0 sales, lol. #sorrynotsorry.  I tried, I really did! I wanted to stick it out for a year, then try to transfer out of telesales and into a better fitting department. I know that I can bring value to the company. So anyway, I put in my two week notice because I didn’t want to get fired. What this means is that in 3 months, I am eligible for rehire. I would love to work for Comcast in the future – in a different department, of course.

That’s all I got for now, dear readers of the page. I will update again soonly. Now, it’s off to brew a cup of tea! Yum!


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