Contact With Eli

Eli contacted me again; this time to set up a time to meet. We settled on July 24th at 4:30. I am not especially happy about the time, as it will put me in rush hour traffic. I will probably leave home early to get down to his office without being stressed out. I may have to take a xanax.

His prices are still expensive as fuck, at $180/hour. Hopefully, his skype (or Whats app) sessions will be a great deal cheaper. I do need to see him, however, so the bill will be paid. I am compiling a list, and will have to run through it pretty quickly. There will be things he cannot help me with; hopefully, however, he can point me in the right direction.

So, that’s it for now. I may write a post about some of the things I hope to discuss with Eli. I probably will wait until after the appointment to write about that. We’ll see. Anyway, a bientot!


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