Second To Last Day

Yep,  one more day at work for this little toaster. Then,  it is off into the unknown. It is time to start moving transición forward! I’m writing this from Comcast.  Aside from being the devil,  they are supposed to be a great company to work for,  in terms of LGBT issues. 

That’s all for now,  readers of the page. I might try some makeup tonight.  I also have trivia tonight, so I might wear some makeup out tonight.  I might skip tonight’s makeup for a full effect on Saturday night,  when Egg and me meet up at Superica with some friends. Superica is a tex mex restaurant and I will be happy to get some good food and drinks AND have great conversation with my family of Friends. 

So,  that’s all, dear readers of the page. I’ll check back in later! 


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