About Last Night

Good  day/night dear readers of the page!  What does “About Last Night” mean? What happened last night? Well, to answer, in short, it means that this little lady was gendered  correctly at dinner last night! In public, in the open, in the wilds of society! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So me and my Friends (Egg was with us, as always!) went to Superica last night. Superica is a tex mex restaurant. Very good food. Strong drinks. Anyway, back to the story.

So, the server comes up to us and starts explaining and giving up a rundown of their favorite drinks on the menu. After me and my Friends decided on cocktails, they started taking the order. When they got to me, they gendered me correctly!  This is the first time,  to my face, that I have been gendered correctly, outside of my Friends. Fuck, my family doesn’t even fender me correctly.

I guess you can say I’ve gotten used to it by now, the misgendering. So, I was prepared for it last night. And what do you know? I don’t have to call the gender police or bring out full riot gear. I will have to confirm with one of my Friends how the server addressed me, but it was definitely a female pronoun! I squeed inside, and tried to hide my smile, which, internally, was as wide as the good ole U S of A!

After the server left, my Friends commented on it, and I couldn’t help but blush, the internally squee some more! I could definitely get used to this feeling. To the server who did this wonderful thing for me; I know you will never read this, but you made this girls night! And probably my week, hahahaha! What a wonderful moment! Something for me to replay, with different female pronouns, since I don’t remember what the server used.

Anyway, dear readers of the page, have a beautiful day/night! We’ll talk again, soon. I promise! Below is a picture of me, at the tattoo parlour, after dinner. I didn’t get any work done,, but Egg and a Friend did! My lipstick has worn off, and I didn’t feel like touching up. But I like the light makeup look!



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