July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017. Yesterday. My birthday. I had a very nice day, dear readers of the page, filled with friends and family.

My parents took my out for lunch, and after, we had an extremely constructive conversation re: trans issues, me being trans, and  whole host of other things, both non and trans related. They still aren’t calling me SoSo or Sophia, and probably never will. But I did show them some pictures of me with makeup and a cute dress on. My plan being to desensitize them now, so when I show up with a full face and a nice dress, they won’t be too shocked.

All my Friends wished me  happy birthday, so that was great! A lot of people of FB (well, a lot for me) wished me a happy birthday, and some even used female pronouns or called me beautiful. Things every girl needs to hear from time to time. And all the better if it is genuine!

My sweet Egg took me to Longhorn Steaks for dinner last night and the hostess addressed me with female pronouns. My mother told me, just yesterday, that I looked male. I didn’t change my clothes or put on any makeup for dinner, so I looked just like I did hours earlier with my mother. I heard the hostess say “You ladies follow me.” Egg confirmed as much, as she was the one who mentioned it to me. I thought I may have been hearing things; but no, my ears definitely did not deceive me!

We went home and watched the latest episode of I Am Jazz, about the 16 year old trans girl and her life.

All in all, dear readers of the page, I gotta say yesterday was a good day!



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