Birthday Brunch With The Fam

Yesterday, dear readers of the page, me and Egg went to the local IHOP for brunch with my family.  After not having seen them for so long (aside from a couple days ago) it was nicce to have the whole, wild family together again!  Like I mentioned, I had already seen my parents for birthday lunch on the 27th.

Speaking for myself, I usually look upon these get togethers with some trepidation. Being consistently misgendered is not good for one’s soul, you know I’m saying?  But yesterday was another good day. I am beginning to think that I am approaching some version of male fail (or maybe it’s just in my head) but the servers at IHOP didn’t know whether to call me sir or ma’am, so they suck no pronouns, hahahaha. Maybe they were being kind and didn’t want me to be uncomfortable, but I highly doubt it. We were in East Cobb county which is a deep red part of metro Atlanta

Anyway, we had some yummy food, and made merry, sometimes at the expense of those sitting around us. Whatever, fuck ’em! I got some gifts form my sisters an parents, with one of the highlights being a card from my sister that reads, “For My Sister.” Very nice sentiment! And all cards, except those from my parents, were addressed to SoSo!  Very nice change indeed.

Yesterday, Egg and I were talking, and she made a very good point that I didn’t agree with, wholly, at the time. And that point is that my sisters are picking up verbal and silent cues from my parents when it comes to dealing with their trans sister. Meaning, ignore, ignore, ignore. then possibly all this trans business would just slide on by. For one sister, in particular, it has been harder, complicated by the fact that her and my brother-in-law have three wonderful, but young, tyrants, that rule the roost. I mean those little ones are a full-time job. Anyway, I think that sister is having the hardest time with this transition o’ mine.

In spite of them giving me cards with SoSo, and sister, and other truly great buzzwords, they still deadnamed me while inside the restaurant around my parents. So frustrating! I guess I am going to have yet another conversation, because when I change my name, there will only be a few people who will be allowed to deadname me. Actually two. My parents. I love them. They love me. They may not ever change, but they are NOW open to discussion.  Slowly, they will absorb some of my world; maybe some of the magical trans dust will rub off and they will get a serious contact high, change their minds, and start accepting that I am trans. Maybe accepting is not the right word. I think they are moving towards acceptance now, and what will be left is how they choose to address all of this, and me. Will they, in effect, transition with me? Usually, it’s not just one person who transitions all by themselves. I am not saying that it doesn’t happen, and maybe I should remove the word “usually.” When a person transitions, and has the support of friends and family, in whatever capacity that may be, the friends and family effectively transition themselves.  What a wonderful and wacky world we live in, huh????

Alright, dear readers of the page. I am going to have to cut this one short, lmao! Thanks to my family and Friends who made my birthday a fun time!!


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