Joel, Empyrean Tattoos

I had to do it, dear readers of the page. I had to get a new tattoo, especially since Egg got hers, recently.  As the title indicates, my artist was Joel; he works at Empyrean Tattoo, and can I say I am super impressed by the staff and artists at the parlour. They were all very kind, and used correct pronouns, remembered my name from when Egg got her tattoo and from my consultation a week earlier.

I love flowers, folks. I love the smell, the texture, and everything except bees and other flying creatures, Goddess forgive, lol! I fell in love with traditional style rose tattoos, and found out that Joel was the guy to see.  So, I put down my deposit last week, and had the consultation. It was brief, as it is a traditional rose. I did want some lettering, so I passed that along to him. The lettering reads “Non sum qualis eram” or “I am not that which I once was.” Apt words for my transition, and growth, in general. Also, it is kind of wink wink, because I’ve always been trans. I just didn’t have the correct language to express the internal conflicting emotions I had been feeling.

So, without further delay, please see below for my new tattoo! Oh yeah, have  great day/night! I know I will;)


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