The Morning Beat

The last couple of mornings, I have been working on my makeup. My sweet Egg tells me that I am using too much foundation. I think I am trying to compensate for my beard shadow. I definitely have little skills in the makeup field. And to think that people chortle and laugh when it comes to makeup and the like, but damn, it takes a lot of artistry to do well.  I guess it take a lot of practice too.  I am in the infant stage, hahahah.

Yesterday, I used way too much foundation, and it ended up looking heavy. I was using a sponge to dab and spread the foundation.  Today, I used  a brush. Kind of like I imagine painting would be. I am not a painter, so I cannot verify this, but I will ask SO, lol!  The problem today wasn’t that I used too much foundation; rather, today it was that I didn’t blend properly. I blame that on the poor lighting and my poor eyesight. What is a gal supposed to do?

I’m including some pics below.

The pics above are from yesterday. The pic below is from today.



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