So, dear readers of the page, I am on a Hamilton kick. I love musicals and the theatre experience, in general. I haven’t had the opportunity to see Hamilton in NYC or Chicago yet. Honestly, I don’t have that kind of money. I don’t know when we will ever be able to get up there again. Egg and I went to NYC in 2015. We saw The Book Of Mormon. Truly, that was one of the best nights of my life – that I can remember. I’m so happy that it was Egg who made it happen and was there to enjoy the experience.

My father took me to my first big musical, Les Miserables. It was so so overwhelming. My emotions were whoo – they were all over the place. I was crying quite a lot, which is what happens when my emotions overwhelm me – but in a good way! Like, the flood of understanding and love that I get from words and music and atmosphere pushes all the right buttons for me. A night out at the theatre is a great night for me. I don’t go a lot, but anyway, I digress…

That first night of theatre sparked my ever-evolving love for the whole experience. And yeah, I have my dad (probably at my mother’s expense) to thank for unleashing this passion in me. I can’t adequately describe what music means to me and this gift that my parents gave me is the best of all. So with that in mind… Hamilton!!!

While I was working at Barnes and Noble, the Hamilton craze was in full effect. Everything Hamilton – cd’s, vinyl, merch, and more – I mean it was insane, and the HamFans descended like a curse of locusts all over a small town. My B&N was huge, and there was Hamilton stuff everywhere. Nevertheless, I resisted. I knew that if I started, I wouldn’t be able to stop.  So, I buried my feelings and went about my business.

Fast forward many months to the future, and I’m spilling tears consistently, and obsessing about all the songs. I have the Original Broadway Recording. I play it on Spotify. I’m a part of two Hamilton groups on FB, hahaha!!! I know the words to most of the songs. And somehow, I’ve actually seen Hamilton on TV (don’t ask me how. don’t ask don’t tell). I am addicted. My favorite song is It’s quiet Uptown, a beautiful, sad, but ultimately, uplifting song near the end of the production.  I think, no joke, I listened to this one song for seven hours in a row, hahahaha. Yeah, I have a tendency to fixate on one thing or song. When it comes to music, I love the feels it gives me. Full on emotional roller coaster. I should have continued to play music. I guess I will pick it back up one day, but until then, I reserve the right to obsess and fixate and listen to single songs for hours on end!

Currently, it is day two of my Hamilton geek out. I woke up at three am after going to bed around ten, and immediately played It’s Quiet Uptown. So, this song touches me in ways I cannot explain. There are elements of my transition in it. At least I can see the portion of  a mom grieving over her dying son. In terms of my transition, my mother still isn’t grieving – she’s still in the denial phase, or maybe she has skipped to a bit of acceptance, but whatever…

I’m going to wrap this up now. I think I am going to find another Hamilton song to fixate and obsess over, lol!!! And of course, I’m going to make a cup of tea. Sipping on that yummy syrup and listening to Hamilton – a great early morning cocktail!! Good day, dear readers of the page!


2 thoughts on “Hamilton

  1. I first saw musicals live in elementary school, but I did not see a musical on Broadway until middle school. Wicked, which sparked my love of musicals, was the beginning of understanding musicals as a whole, the importance of an emotional connection, and that songs really can bring out emotion. Growing up, the musical emotions that were key were excitement, love, joy, and sad. In my mind, ALL musicals were happy and nothing was going to change that point of view.

    But my passion for musicals came later after experiencing Les Mis through the movie, but only through giving it a second chance and it challenged everything I already knew about musicals. It told me that some musicals are tragic and introduced me to heartbreak. So glad my parents started to introduce me to musicals in elementary school because if I wasn’t exposed to them growing up, I may not be the musical fan I am today. So Wicked sparked my love for musicals and Les Mis turned it into a passion.

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