Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Egg

Today is the 35th (again) birthday of my wonderful wife, Egg! Love this chick to the end of the world and back. She has been by my side for some incredible downs, and some decent ups, too, hahha! We have been on trips, have fought, screamed, kicked, made love, smiled, laughed – and the amazing thing is that all that happened at once!!! Hahaha, not true – well, not at the same time.

We fit together, like a hammer smashing a nail, like peanut butter and jelly, like shaved ice on a hot day. We have been together since July 4, 2002, married in 2004.  She has been stayed by my side. We had a slight bump in the road around 2012-2013. Why, you ask, dear readers of the page? Well, I was in a day hospital for my untreated bipolar disorder, and this is when I was outed as trans by a family therapist. Egg says she knew something was going on. I had hit a wall, of course, and it was becoming increasing obvious that I was going to have to do something involving transition. I made the mistake of telling the intake person that I wanted, no, that I was a girl, and needed to do something about it.

Welp, later in the week, we had a family therapy appointment. So, Egg and I are sitting in the room, waiting on the therapist. The best of my recollection is that the fucking therapist busts in the room and immediately says, “Let’s talk about you being transgender.” I’m like fuck!! How is the therapist gonna bust up in the room and say that.  Needless to say, Egg was confused, but I don’t think she was surprised. I had been acting strange, doing a lot of drugs to push the trans feelings away, and not face reality that I was going to have to transition.

We got over that hump, and there’s a lot more to the story than I feel like writing right now. But there was a period where the wife wanted a divorce. We were both swirling with emotions, but, I’m glad to report, the evenness of the Egg came through again. She thought it over, and we hashed out our differences over some pints at the local tavern, and we have been going and growing strong ever since.

I think I will talk more about my outing at the day hospital, and the resulting months of turmoil later. For now, I am going to sign off with three simple, but powerful words. I love you!!



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