Interview – Take 2

Today, dear readers of the page, is my second interview since leaving Comcast. I am hyper nervous, though. My last interview at Michaels was okay because I don’t think I am actually going to take the job, although they don’t drug test, which is awesome! But damn, it is working the truck and could start as early as 3:30am!!! Fuck that!

The company that I am interviewing with today is a call center, not unlike the one I worked at in FL. It’s the kind with, like, 100 different clients and has its’ own fulfillment center. It doesn’t pay much, but is near to my residence, and that is go for the massive range anxiety I have with the Leaf.

Anyway, this will be the second interview as my authentic self. I probably won’t disclose that I’m trans (why should I this early?) but will tell them that I prefr going by the name SoSo.  And my dress will be that of Sophia. Hell, I’ve donated a bunch of my guy clothes, and I guess I should donate the rest, hahahaha. Make that break, baby!

I have my outfit all picked out. Basically, it will be the same outfit I wore for my interview at Michaels, except I will be wearing my docs instead of my brand new flats. I think the docs will give me a little more confidence, unless they just don’t look right, but I don’t see that happening.

In other news, I came into some cash, and now have enough to start my name change. I am, of course, afraid, that I am going to be turned down, but I have to try right? The paperwork is confusing. Trying to find the courthouse in Atlanta is a pain in my ass, and my anxiety is shooting through the roof at the thought of not being able to do this by myself. I will need Egg to help me navigate through the red tape and other bullshit, ya know??

I also ordered another cooling pad for my laptop. I’m trying desperately to extend the life of my beloved laptop for a while longer.  Here’s to hoping this shit works. The cooling pad I have now is not doing shit, and my laptop is shutting down every 4-6 hours after it’s been on. So, I need to actually wrap this up and shut my laptop down for a bit so that it doesn’t die completely.

And yeah, I’ll have a small update after the interview is over. Have a good day, dear readers of the page!




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