Tomorrow, dear readers of the page, is Estrogen Tuesday. And a good estrogen Tuesday it will be. Ya wanna know why? Because my dose was increased. I feel like I need it. I feel like my boobs stopped growing, and I feel no pain or hardness behind the nipple. Sucks.

One of the good things I have noticed, however, is that most of my body hair has disappeared. I was looking at an old bare-chested photo, and I was a hairy mother fucker! I am so glad that hrt took care of the body hair, for the most part. I have a patch on my chest that continues to grow, and will probably need electrolysis, and maybe some hair on my bum, but that is turning soft and mostly dissipating too.

Anyway, I’ll write to see if I have an estro high tomorrow. A higher dose might just kick me in the pants!


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