Visit To Torrid and Sephora

Today, dear readers of the page, Egg and I went to the mall to try to find some jeans for her. I picked up a pair, but didn’t try them on in the store. I should have, as there was nobody in the dressing rooms, and Egg was back there with me. Ho Hum! Looks like the jeans that I got will have to be returned.

Egg got a pair of jeans and a really nice dress. Methinks that I may have to borrow the dress sometime, lol!

We then popped into Sephora to check out the Fenty section for some foundation for me. Couldn’t find any though, as all the darker tones were sold out. Nothing shocking about that! Fenty is new, an has gotten rave reviews. Funnily enough, the foundations for lighter skin tones were almost all there, hmm, lol! Let me just say, Kat Von D’s makeup line is pretty dope, especially the glitter lippy stuffs! I did get one thing from Sephora, though. e made our way through the store, and across the aisle from Kat Von D was Cover FX liquid foundation. Egg said it was a good brand, so we looked for my color, and what do you know? Almost immediately, we found a foundation match!!! N. 90 matches my skin tone, and even helps cover my horrid beard shadow.  It is concentrated, or so Egg says. Anyway, I prolly won’t test it out today, but it I do I will take a pic and post it. As for now, I will post a pic of the box, because why not??!!??



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