The Morning Beat

I am posting these pics because, while I can apply foundation (and not even that well), I cannot do anything else regarding makeup. I just don’t know what to do, and when I do, for example eyeliner, my hands are just so shaky that it is like a kids drawing! Bleh! Anyway, practice practice practice, huh? Supposed to make prefect, but I am not sure, in this instance.

Oh yeah, I am getting better with lips. Not drawing outside the lines and shit like that. At least I don’t hae lipstick all over my chin, hahahaha. Small victories, right?

I do like the new foundation I bought, though. It seems to provide great coverage without needing concealer to hide my beard shadow! That was enough for me to plunk down $45 for this tiny tube, lol. That tiny tube better last foreva!!!!!

Pics of the morning beat below!  Have a great day, dear readers of the page!


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