Haha dear readers of the page. I laugh at myself, because, as a writer, one of the things one shouldn’t do is to stop writing. And I’ve stopped writing. But now it’s time to resurrect my dying art, lol!

It HAS been a long time. Yesterday was Estrogen Tuesday, and Egg jabbed the needle with painless precision this time. No estrogen high, so I must have been imagining things that first time I caught a buzz. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Transition is moving slowly. I still don’t have a job, so things like electrolysis and therapist appointments will have to wait. I was all ready to do my name change, but got nervous because of some financial issues.  I have a student loan from a long time ago and I feel like if I stroll into the courthouse, not only will they laugh at me, but they will also throw my ass in the jail, or something like that. So transition will be even slower, until I get a decent job. But, as a trans woman, it will be hard getting a job as my true self.  Already, I have to use a resume that has my deadname on it; thus interviews become an absolute terror, and my nerves get shot easily.

On to my Crohn’s disease. I got my labs back, and do have some low numbers, mainly my iron and vit d levels;  my white blood cell count is not THAT high, but it is high. My c-reactive protein marker is pretty high, though.. I guess my GI is just being proactive, and I will be thanking him for that. I don’t want to have to go through resection or surgery. I guess I should get used to the idea of surgery, especially if I want that orchi, and maybe even srs down the road, assuming I hit the lottery, lol!  My tummy does hurt, and I am losing blood, so I guess it is something to be concerned over. I haven’t lost enough blood, however, to be considered for i.v. iron infusions. I cannot tolerate iron pills, so the next attempt at getting my iron levels back up will be iron drops. I could look into changing my diet, but com on, money is an issue. It cost less to eat poorly, and way too much to have a proper, good diet, that may be beneficial to me.

Recently, because of the pain, and general yuckiness of food. I went on a two day solid food strike. Egg was so sweet and went to the store late night (or lat night for us, as we were all snuggly in our pjs) to buy two 6 packs of Ensure so that I could at least get some nutrients and protein. My appetite has come roaring back, so I’m enjoying eating any and everything put in front of my face, haha!

So that’s it for this installment of Haha. I may make this a running title. We’ll see. Like the abruptness of how this entry ended? Well, it has ended. Good day, dear readers of the page!



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