Jobby Job

I’ve been up since 3AM, but have just decided at 7:45 to write about my potential jobby job. This will be brief, until everything is confirmed. It is a work-from-home position, and doesn’t pay much at all. It is  stay at home though, and that is what I was really looking for. Now, it is time, if I get the job, to make some jake. I need money for my name change, my orchi, and a host of other things.

The interview, hiring, and onboarding process is an absolute pain in the ass for my bipolar and adhd brain, but I am trying my best not to fuck this up, as I don’t have too many prospects. I will be working under my deadname, but I can handle that for a bit. Anything to move me further along the path of transition, of flowering into my true rosy self, hahaha.

In other news, I haven’t smoked in several days due to the absence of my main man. The mary jane is what was keeping everything tight under the hood. Now, I’m beginning to feel loose again, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, hahaha. I’m on my fourth cup of tea and am ravenous. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to eat due to the stinking Crohn’s, and the mary jane definitely helps with that too. Shit, idk what I’m gonna do. I don’t know anyone else. Time to put the feelers out again.

Thinking of my homegirl in Austin right now. Gonna light a white candle for her and her family during this hard time…

Dinner Party on Saturday with our dear Friends. I cannot wait to see them again; it also gives me a good reason to get dolled up. I better get a practice session in today! Fun times!

Okay dear readers of the page, it is time for me to sign off – for now. Enjoy your Friday. I know I will – probably be bored. I’m trying to develop a taste for alcohol again – it’s not going so well, but I did have a beer yesterday. Maybe I will have one soon. Hell, I’ve been up since 3am!



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