Good Morning!

Good morning, dear readers of the page! It is morning where I am on this lovely planet. I have been up since 3:30AM, but really, I could have gotten up earlier than that. Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping very well recently.

Remember my last post about being loose? Well, I’m beginning to think about the massive amount of energy I have been feeling, and how it may be tied to the universal energies of the season. Me and my loc goddess were talking about this on Saturday, in a different way, of course. But we are both on the same wave length.

Anyway, onto more mundane muggle-y topics. I may have a job. I say MAY because the process has not been without some bumps and lumps. I think I am over the final hurdle. The job would be remote work, which means YAY! for me. I hate going into an office, and with my transition, I hate the interview process. My voice is still in the low register, and I will need tons of practice to remedy it.

In other transition-related news, I think I have come up with a new plan. I want to get my orchi before my name change. That way I can change my name AND my gender marker on my license at the same time. Our insurance, which does cover the orchi, is changing at the beginning of the year; I am not sure what the new coverage will be, but I don’t have the money now for the deductible to get in before the switch. My guess is they wouldn’t be able to do it that soon. I have another doc, a trans-specific doc, that will do it. Her rates are expensive, nearly double of what I would have to pay, currently. So, the orchi and the name change may have to wait until next year.

Lemme hop back to the job. It is remote work. It is seasonal, to start of with, and there is a possibility of going permanent after peak season is over. The only problem with all of this is that I have doc appointments that I will need to go to. Some I can reschedule, but two of them I can’t. The job stipulates that the employee cannot miss any days for the first 90 days, no exceptions. I guess what I am doing is working for the quick money, and I will have to keep on looking for another job. This new job will be under my deadname, but I find that I’m not terribly upset by that because the customer nor the other employees can actually see me. I don’t know how this will work out once I have to start face-to-face interviews again. Ah, it’s a conundrum.

Okay, I’m done writing for now. I am going to close my eyes, in desperate hope for another hour of sleep. I probably will end up on FB dicking around, lol!

Okay, picture time, dear readers of the page. Why? Well, because I like the way the light catches my eye. You can see a smudge of eyeliner too hahahaha! Enjoy! A bientot!




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