First Day

Today is the first true day of work for me, dear readers of the page. I have had orientation, which was dizzying and confusing, and I am hoping that I don’t hit any snags while trying to og in this morning. I only have a 15 minute window to get fully logged in, and the first time will take a while.

I need to find out about payment for the first days of orientation. I didn’t punch in but ws working to try and fix my system, updates and all, get the required memory stick (thanks Dad), and generally, make sure that I am ready to go. It’s all so confusing now, and I have to remember not to get too frustrated. It is a process, and just like any other job, it will take time.

I will be working for Best Buy during their peak season, which means I will be work black Friday and cyber Monday. Sucks, but I would probably have the same situation at any job I found. At least I don’t have to go in, I can work in my pajamas if I want to., and that is awesome!

I am, of course, excited to start. I know it will be busy, and I will be dealing with upset customers and such. That is okay. I am used to it. Most of my jobs have, directly, or indirectly, dealt with the customer.

Alright, let me wrap this up for now.. It is 7:45AM and I can start logging in at 8:45, so I have an hour to walk the dog and get settled in.  Everybody have a nice day, and I will check in soon.


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