A Certain Death

My laptop is on its’ last legs, as it were, dear readers of the page. The stay-at-home jobby job? Gone. I had to work yesterday; instead, I spent most of it in vain, trying to install Windows 10. It is installed, but all the updates are still running. I’m pretty upset at the loss of job so soon after I secured one, and after the amount of work it took to get my ailing laptop ready and up to spec. I guess that last bit pushed it over the edge.

My dad did help out tremendously by bringing one of his old desktops, but rules are rules, and they aren’t going to break them for me, ya feel me?

So, it’s back to the drawing board. Time to find a new job. And add more stress to our already broke and stressful lives. I needed this job, and feel betrayed by my own baby. I kid I kid, but really, it is sad. That’s all I have for now, as my laptop is freezing up every 10 seconds now. RIP dear machine.





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