Happy Thanksgiving past, if you celebrate it! Me and Egg participated in the annual celebration by going to two families houses for dinners.

First up was the L portion of LBC. The Lenox clan hosted dinner one, and it was delicious. They live a little far out, but it is definitely worth to see the in laws. They are liberal with their language, make good drinks, and ALWAYS gender me correctly. They always use my name or she/her pronouns. The food is always good, and this year was no exception.

The second part of LBC is the Burton clan, my side of the family. As always, it was a raucous, but good, time! Food was good, drinks were good too! Unfortunately, the entire Burton side of The LBC misgendendered me at every turn. Pretty upsetting. Okay – my parents, not unexpected. But from my sisters – they don’t even try anymore, not that they really did to begin with.

My parents did get me a computer. My laptop finally died a few days ago. My dad was letting me use one of his old machines, but when he heard the specs and the issues I was having with it they went to Microcenter and found an Acer tower. I’m definitely grateful, and realize that my parents love me, even if they cannot see me for their other daughter. I kind of let it roll off my back. They still help me financially (I know – even at this age), but don’t use it as a way to misgender me. They told me from the beginning they would never call me Sophia or SoSo. But they always show that they will be there for me in a pinch.

All in all, our annual two-familly Thanksgiving was fun, then nice – but cringeworthy. So, dear readers of the page, thanks for reading. I know I bitch a lot about the use of my name and pronouns by my blood family so I guess it bothers me more than I think. That’s for a later entry. For now, enjoy your Friday! And if you going shopping today, try not to get trampled!



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