Good Morning!

Good Morning, dear readers of the page! These dispatches will come from my new Acer tower, generously provided me by my parents. My Lenovo laptop crashed and burned, and I’m still trying to pry some information from it. I am  trying to rescue all my music, something like 55gb of data!! Anyone know if I can connect a laptop to a desktop, and transfer music? hmm…

It’s currently 4:00am, and I am ready to start the day, lol! Most other people are in bed and probably more sane than I, hahaha!! I’m not tired though, and could have gotten up an hour ago. The power went out last night, and I am not used to sleeping without a fan on. The noise is soothing, and it provides some cooling, especially since it sits up against a poorly insulated window. Both Egg and I were checking our phones to see when the power would come back on. It went out at roughly 12:30 and came back on around 1:30-2:00, I think. I was getting nervous because I have medicine that needs to be refrigerated! It should be alright, as the refrigerator door was never opened, thereby trapping all the cold air inside for the entire time. I’m going to go check right now because I’m a paranoid android. I don’t pay for the meds (thankfully), but they are super expensive. I have copay assistance that helps out mightily. Brb… okay, meds are doing well, and it gave me a chance to get a refreshing glass of cool water.

I’ve been furiously looking for a new job. A bunch of resumes flying off my computer to different hiring agencies. I got a nibble yesterday, and was sent an invitation to take a test, which is the next step in the hiring process. The test, which was actually made up of several tests, both math and literacy, took a little over an hour to complete. Since I sent so many resumes over the last few days, it’s hard to remember, exactly, what the job is that I applied for. I have been looking for call center positions, both at home and away. Also, I have been applying for CSR positions. I would rather work at home, because I don’t have the metaphorical balls to get a position under my real name, which would open me up to the scrutiny I’ve thus far avoided. At some point, I am going to have to go out on a limb. I did want to change my name first. Then, I got nervous – what if I get pulled over and my name of my license does not match my gender marker. So, my grand plan is to get this damn orchi, then change my name, thereby allowing me to change all documents and gender marker at the same time. That’s still the plan. Without me pulling any money in, I don’t know how this is going to happen. I still want it to be in 2018. I am pushing for it, in fact. I know this is one thing that my parents will not help me with. Sucks, but thems the breaks, ya know?

Okay – enough for now. I will check back in soon. I promise. Sooner than later, at any rate, hahaha! Have a great day!


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