Snowy Day

It is snowing in Atlanta, dear readers of the page! Exciting stuff. And not just sleet, or baby snow. No, this is the real deal. Big, fluffy flakes that are sticking to the ground, instead of the usual quick-melting stuff.  Yay! In the immortal words of Lorelai Gilmore, I smell snow.

In transition news, I got my last estrogen levels back and they are within female range. This is good news, and I think we will probably stay at this dose for some time. To be completely honest, I want to bump it up a bit; it’s time to see or feel a cycle. I don’t get that feeling at the end of my two week cycle. Anyway, this time my total estrogens were measured and came back at 157.6pg/ml with a low-high of 60-190. Yeah, I guess the levels are good.

In other news, Dr Tangpricha, my Endo, told me that if it was probably time to consider a BA (breast augmentation) now. He said that it is likely that my breast have done all the growing they are going to do. He said that he and some colleagues just authored a paper on the very subject of trans women breast growth and how it is no longer two years, as normally suggested. They have seen that most breast growth occurs in year one, and after that there is just not more, boo! So that just adds to the tab I don’t have. Really sucks.

Wowzers, I just looked outside, and the snow is coming down something mighty! It’s a beautiful thing to see.


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