Liquid Dreams


What is going on with me, dear readers of the page? I laid down at 3:45 AM, and just got up. Whoa girlie, in that time, I managed to have a dream so liquid and real, I could taste it.

Me and Egg were living downtown, but downtown was a mixture of downtown ATL  and downtown Charleston. So I’m wandering around downtown. Not lost, just wandering, because not all that wander are lost, ya know? Back to it, I came down a street of drug dealers selling all sorts of yummy stuff. I pick up a ball of coke and head back to the apt. Instead of the apt that we live in now, this place was located in a high rise kind of like St. Philips dorm in Charleston, but not. Anyway, we lived on the 43rd floor. The mother fucking 43rd floor!!! So, I’m riding the elevator up and doing blow, and yea I know about the camera in the elevator – but I just wanted a taste.

I take a big key bump, and damn, dear readers of the page, I swear I could taste it!! Whoo, what it was cut with, the strength of the coke, and everything! So vivid and true to previous experience. Wow!!! It was so realistic that I thought my nose my be bleeding when I woke up. I expected to find the baggie in my hand when I woke up! Of course, I had to be careful not to spill it lmao!! What a strange fucking trip these dreams are becoming!!

I have to get my hair done today. I might have to run these dreams passed my loc goddess, who is a magical creature, as we all are, to some extent. And while my practice has lagged, I cannot think of a better time than Winter Solstice to start looking within again, mining my soul and shite.

More later! A Bientot! Time for some energizing tea. Not made with liquid cocaine, lmao!!


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