Quick Update

Howdy, dear readers of the page. This, as the title reads, is just quick update. I have still been having vivid dreams, but haven’t been able to remember them much. They are much stronger when I wake up around  one-two am, then go back to bed for a few hours. Those few hours provide the strongest dreams. I want to try lucid dreaming. I think that is where these dreams are leading. They have to be leading somewhere, right?

In other news, I might have a job opportunity. A staffing agency got in touch with me yesterday with a prospect. The pay is good, and it is in a location near to me. Exciting stuff. Of course, I would be working under my deadname, but that’s alright – for now. I need to get my foot in the door. It is temp to perm anyway, and they don’t need to know about my trans history atm. Honestly, I just need to make some money. I’ve got some bills to pay, and I have to pay my gardener so he will come back and work on my garden, ya know?

I still am not sure about procedures and stuff for 2018. If I get this job, though, it will go a long way towards getting this damn orchi next year. Then, I can legally change my name and gender. Not on my birth certificate (well, possibly), but definitely on my GA license.

So that is all for now. I will write more later.


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