New Drug

Blessed yule and happy winter solstice, dear readers of the page. This will be a short entry. It is 3:17 am and I have been up since 1:00 am. I haven’t been able to fall back to sleep. I want to soo bad, so I can continue my dreamwalking. I’ve dubbed myself dreamwalker for the time being, hahaha.

Winter Solstice was officially yesterday, as it is three in the morning. For winter solstice, the Egg got me a graphic novel. Now, if you know me, you know I don’t get down with graphic novels. This one, however, is written by the same author of Blue is the Warmest Color. It is called Body Music. What an excellent title, no? I’ve already cracked the book open and read the first 25 pages. So far, so good – and very gay, which I love!!! So, happy reading to me!

Also, I got quite another surprise just in time for winter solstice! My Endo, Dr. Tangpricha finally got back in touch with me about adding progesterone to my hrt regimen. While the medical community i.e. doctors have mixed feelings about progesterone, the trans community has a stronger reaction. A lot of trans women that I speak to are taking, or have taken progesterone. It is known, in the community, to cause breast growth, or at least some rounding of the breasts and growth of the areolas. Just like other medications, progesterone is not without some issues, according to the doc. He warned me about a higher percentage of stroke and depression. The higher percentage of stroke is something new for me, and I will have to educate myself and Egg as to its symptoms and warning signs. The big thing, though, is the depression. Since I have bipolar disorder, depression is a biggie. Of course, Egg is worried. I think she is more worried than I am. This is a necessary step. I want to exhaust all measures before I consider surgical enhancements, ya know?? So, I will take on the beast called depression if it comes along. I will have to get my doctors on board with it. That means mainly that I will notify my psychiatrist, since he may want to prescribe another medication. Maybe he will want to wait to see if something starts to pop off. I’m not sure, so I will be giving him a ring later today.

So, that’s the news. Dr. Tangpricha called in my prescription for progesterone, and I swallowed the first pink ball of medication on the winter solstice!! I will cycle, meaning that I will take 14 pills, then I will be off of it for 14 days. Then the cycle starts all over again.

So there you have it. Certainly, I wrote more than I expected, hahaha. Now, off to find some food before a few hours of shut eye. TTFN!


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