Dinner Party

Egg and I went to a dinner party. It is an annual holiday get together between my mom (and our family) and my mom’s best friend and her family. It is always a good time, filled with food and good conversation. We miss these get togethers quite a lot, because, in the past, I have traditionally been working on the night the party takes place. Since I do not currently have a job, and Egg’s job is M-F 9-5, we were able to attend this year.

It is also the first year that I have attended since I started transition. Of course, being that my family would be there, I knew I was going to be deadnamed left and right, and true to plan, it happened. Funny thing, though. It wasn’t our friends family that deadnamed me, it was mine. Ha Ha Ha, I guess. My sisters don’t, and won’t, even try. So infuriating! My mothers’s best friend tried her best, bless her heart. She is old school, like my mom, so all this is new to her. The difference between her and my mother is that she is trying. She gave me a big hug, told me she loved me, and that she was very proud of me. That’s a great start, and kind of caught me off guard, in a good way. Her daughter is brilliant, and is leading the charge to recognize me as Sophia. Multiple times she called me Sophia in front of the whole room, making sure everyone heard her. Excellent, again. Of course, it didn’t take with my family. Pretty soon though, there is going to have to be a change, as I continue to grow and change into my authentic self, and they will be the ones left embarrassed, instead of me.

So let me shout out Pat and Cara. Pat is my mom’s bestie, and Cara is her daughter. Cara is the one spearheading the change in her family. Cara’s boyfriend and her brother didn’t jump at the opportunity to call me Sophia, but they didn’t deadname me either. I rather prefer that, you know. If you cannot bring yourself to call me Sophia, then don’t call me at all. We can talk, but don’t deadname me, which they didn’t.

Egg, as always, was wonderful, and I know she feels bad about my family deadnaming me. Literally, my family, and my work situation (I have an interview on the 27th under deadname) are the only people who are continuously deadnaming me. I don’t know how to impress on my fucking sisters that this is not cool. Even my lesbian sister cannot get with the program. My other sister uses the excuse that it will confuse her kids, but come on, we all know that kids are the most malleable, especially if you catch them at a young enough age, which they are. My sisters just flat out refuse to be the shining beacon that Cara is for her family.  Stacee and Stephanie (my sisters. I’m calling you out) could learn a thing or two from Cara, you know.

The party was fun. It was great catching up with everyone, and I was, on a personal note, pleased with my makeup and general look for the night. Pics below. Thanks for reading, dear readers of the page!


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