Christmas Gifts

All I wanted for Christmas, dear readers of the page, was not to be misgendered/deadnamed all fucking day, and guess what – it happened. From the beginning to the end, for the most part, people either called me Sophia or SoSo. Egg’s family has always been amazing and gotten my name/pronoun choice right from the beginning. I didn’t have any worry about them. And true to form, they were brilliant!

Next up was my family. There were some slip ups, but for the most part, it was SoSo or Sophia. My mother even labeled my presents to SoSo! This represents a huge leap for her, and I’m not sure what brought about the change, but it was a nice gesture. The parents still cannot bring themselves to say the name Sophia out loud. Come to think of it, I think they still deadnamed me all night but that’s alright. We’ll take baby steps with them, ya know?

Unforturnately, the person who seemed to have the hardest time NOT deadnaming me is my lesbian sister. She continually deadnamed me, which is frustrating. I have to remember that even cis lesbians are still cis, and can have a problem. I will probably need to remind her for a clip now. Hopefully, every time I remind her, it will shame her into changing her ways slowly. My other sister slipped a couple times too, but she corrected herself immediately. My brother in law is teaching my niece to say Auntie Sophia, which, honestly, warms my heart. Teach em young!

So all in all, Christmas, which I thought would be a disaster at the Burton household, turned out to be pretty good. Well, except for the chaos of eight adults and three absolutely wild kids. Opening presents was a special type of crazy, and not one I want to revisit for another 365 days, lmao!!


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